25 Dec 2014

058 friday experience 'Pave and Prepare for the new'

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After a crazy week of work and stresses, it’s important to remove clutter and unwanted company to make way for the new. Reassess your direction and conquests in life. Figure out the changes or additions you desire and how to grasp them. Do what you can to prepare for your resolutions this weekend and you'll be more likely to succeed and reach them. Ie. you want to makeover your shed and get more toys for it... So clear out the shed this weekend and draw a floor wall plan with the new, upgrade or fill list. Another example? You want to have more energy and have a tighter bod? Make a plan and Take up a gym membership now, enlist or find a qualified nutritionist, buy some gym gear or new sneakers, meantime rid your cupboard of all the junk and processed stuff, to make space for the new good stuff. From Chapter ‘fridays 14-15’ (Link) 

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